3 Ways To Reuse A Broken Teacup


Hang on to your old cups! Sometimes the repaired ones are even prettier than they were to begin with…

You’re elbow deep in sudsy water and a half-hour deep in a conversation with your bestie. With your phone wedged tight between your shoulder and ear, you are rehashing last night’s book club events as you clean grandma’s old set of teacups. The ladies loved them, and you’re happy you finally dusted them off to use. In typical BFF fashion, she makes you laugh like no other and you send your grandmother’s teacup flying. Scatters of peach and pink peonies hit the floor; a purple and turquoise butterfly takes flight across the counter. Shoot. You let out a half-screech-half-bye and hang up. Grandma will be over in an hour, what do you do?

  1. Make a bird feeder. Smooth the broken edges with a fine grade sandpaper and glue the teacup to a saucer. Take a piece of string or twine and thread it through the handle, making a tight knot at the end. Set on a tree branch and fill with bird feed and let your feathery friends eat in style!
  2. Teacup_Feeder

  3. Turn it into a vase. There’s no such thing as too many flowers. Fill your broken teacup with as many flowers as it takes it cover the cracked or broken edges for an easy and impressive vase.
  4. Teacup_Vase

  5. Repair it, the Japanese way. Kintsugi is the art of repairing broken pottery and ceramics with gold lacquer. The Kintsugi philosophy is to take something that is broken and repair it, highlighting the broken parts and celebrating it as a part of the object’s history. To do it yourself, mix ceramic Epoxy with gold mica powder and using a thin brush, paint along the broken edge, hold together and set to dry. We almost love the finished product more than the original!



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