5 Holiday Teas

Holiday Teas

5 Perfect Teas For The Holidays

Twinkling lights, nostalgic carols, an evening with friends and family. There is just so much to appreciate about the holiday season. Topping the list of things that bring us the most festive pleasure of all? Food. And have we indulged. Seasonal dishes, belly-warming spices, and of course, one too many bites of holiday baking. If only there was a guilt-free way to enjoy all the best holiday flavours… Now THAT would be a Christmas miracle. And there is! Inspired by our favourite time of year we bring to you our 5 favourite teas to drink during the holidays.

HO HO HOliday Blend

What better way to start off the list with our Holiday Blend? A black tea with notes of vanilla, apple, cinnamon and a hint of bourbon (we know that got your attention!), this nutty tea is perfect to kick start that appetite before lunch, or to settle your full stomach after dinner. Its subtle sweetness makes it perfect to pair with desserts too, and you don’t need to tell us that twice.

Ginger All The Way…

There’s just that special something about ginger that always has us searching for it, especially during the holidays. Maybe it’s the sharp, spicy, distinctive taste, or maybe it’s because we’re looking for a little heat during this chilly time of year. Whatever the reason, we bring to you a generously ginger tea, Fruity Ginger! Naturally caffeine-free, Fruity Ginger is the perfect blend to help aid in after-meal digestion while watching your favourite Christmas special on the couch. It definitely has us singing Ginger All The Way….

The Nut-Cracker

Zesty orange and nutty almond are the perfect compliment to a lively green tea in our Almond Orange Green. Pure and refreshing, this tea is slightly fruity and ever-so-satisfying. The perfect pair with fruit cake or citrus spiced cookies, we can’t imagine spending one more holiday season without this blend.

I’m Dreaming Of A White… Cranberry

We can’t think of two words better fit to describe the holidays than “white” and “cranberry”. Fit just for this holiday season is our White Cranberry tea. Blended together are cranberry blossoms are fresh bamboo leaves to offer a slightly woody flavour and a white tea with light and fruity notes. Speckled amongst green and white leaves are red pomegranate petals, offering a perfect and peaceful pop of holiday cheer.

Silent Night…

And perhaps the most “holiday” traditional of all, sleep! CitizenTea brings to you the exclusive Wellness Blend, Sleep Well. An herbal tea with rooibos, tulsi, and lemon verbena, this blend will relax your body and mind and help guide you to a blissful nights sleep. The gentle taste of liquorice, fennel and peppermint are a sure way to help you catch those must-needed zzz’s, so you can wake up feeling refreshed, and full of holiday cheer.

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