Best Hangover Tea Cure


The sound of your alarm clock at 6:00 am is never a nice one, but today, it’s even worse. Whether that’s because you were celebrating a co-workers promotion, at a dinner party with friends, or for Canadian’s this time of year it’s overcoming a long-weekend, you threw a few too many drinks back last night and needless to say, you’re paying for it this morning. Skip the coffee this a.m. and nurse yourself back to health with some tea. Below are the top 5 best teas to cure a hangover.

  1. Ginger Tea

    Ginger has been known to settle upset stomach and calm nausea. So if you’re having trouble keeping your lunch down, opt for ginger tea. Spicy and sharp, ginger will be sure to help alleviate your stomach issues in no time, making it one of the best hangover teas.

  2. Matcha

    Even though you’ve slept for 8 hours, you still wake up feeling sluggish and unrested. And let’s be honest: your level of productivity is directly correlated with how much energy you have (or don’t have). Matcha has about 10x the caffeine of coffee making it the perfect source for that extra boost on these mornings you need it most. As an added bonus, matcha also has 10x the antioxidants of pomegranates and blueberries, helping you cure the hangover and kick-start that cleanse!

  3. Rooibos

    Your headache is so bad it feels as though it’s compromising all your senses. You’ve become sensitive to light and you certainly can’t hear anything beyond the pounding in your head.  Well, Rooibos is your rescue. Consumed for centuries in South Africa for it’s calming properties, Rooibos tea will help release the tension in your head and melt your headache away. For some extra comfort, try our Rooibos Caramel.

  4. Camomile

    You wake up feeling stiff as a board. Your joints haven’t felt this achy since you attempted that half marathon last year, but this time it’s mostly due to the fatigue caused by your endless dancing and partly due to all the sugary mojitos.  If this is the case, camomile is what you need. Light, flowery and totally soothing, camomile can help release hypertension in your joints and relax your muscles.

  5. Green Tea

    If you’re feeling foggy, green tea is just what the doctor ordered. The caffeine from tea will absorb into your body at a slow and steady pace, giving you a long-lasting boost of energy without the “caffeine crash”, allowing you to allocate your mental energy where appropriate, promoting mental clarity and washing the fogginess away. For some extra freshness, try our Pomegranate Green or Cactus Fig Green!

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