Best Weight Loss Teas

Best Weight Loss Teas


The warm weather has us craving so many things: a cold treat, time spent outdoors, BBQs with family and friends, but perhaps most of all, to lose the weight you put on a few months back. It seems those last few pounds are always the most stubborn, and loose leaf tea is here to help you with that. Paired with a healthy diet and a bit of exercise, CITIZENTEA’s high quality loose leaf tea can aid you on your weight loss journey. Below we break down the 4 best weight loss teas.

  1. The Weight Loss Plan

    CITIZENTEA’s Weight Loss Plan, exclusive to the herbal wellness line, was crafted to support you on your weight loss journey. Cleansing, a refreshing blend of lemon, peppermint and senna leaf works as an all-natural laxative for those times you need a little nudge. Inner Harmony, a calming mix of flowery camomile, sage and licorice cleanses internal organs and calms your mind, and Slim and Slender, bold and bright and blended with Pu Erh, mate and stinging nettle for the ultimate calorie and fat burning trio. It’s no wonder this tea collection is best for weight loss.


  1. Matcha

    Studies have shown that a cup of green tea a day aids in weight loss.  Green tea contains a polyphenol called epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCG for short.  EGCG has been regarded for increasing metabolic rate and burning fat. Matcha is a stone-ground green tea which has 10x the benefits of regular green tea. This means you get 10x the amount of antioxidants and 10x the amount of fat-burning potential than regular green tea. CITIZENTEA offers 3 of the highest-quality grades of matcha available in Canada at the best price.


  1. Oolong Tea

    Oolong teas have high levels of polyphenols and antioxidants, great for weight loss. The polyphenols work to block the absorption of dietary fat and cholesterol, while the antioxidants work to boost your metabolism and burn fat and calories. It is reported that metabolism is boosted up to 10% more and up to 2 hours after drinking a cup of Oolong. CITIZENTEA’s Creamy Nut Oolong is an exclusive award-winning blend for as low as $3.00.


  1. Yerba Maté

    Yerba Maté, also simply known as Maté has been said to suppress appetite, and was first used amongst South Americans during times of famine. Paired with appetite-suppression, its caffeine content contributes to its fat-burning effects and offer a boost in energy – motivating you to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle! Yerba Maté offers a slightly grassy and bitter flavour, so if this isn’t your favourite profile, CITIZENTEA offers a fresh and zesty Citrus Mate and a light and slightly sweet Vanilla Mint Mate.

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