Food Pairings

Tea & Food Pairings

When thinking of food pairings to go along with tea, most minds would automatically jump to tea biscuits and small cucumber sandwiches- the typical tea party edibles.

CitizenTea wants to open your mind on the stereotypical tea and food pairings and jump into a world full of flavour and variety, allowing you to infuse the world of tea into various parts of your day.

When it comes to tea food pairings, we have to look at it the same way as you would look at wine pairing. The world of wine is vast, and with its variety there are many food options to compliment. Just like fine wines have their perfect match, teas do to! Pairing food with tea is about enhancing the particular aromas and flavors and really being adventurous in your tasting journey.

The Morning Routine

Pair that perfectly cooked cheese and bacon omelet with a steaming cup of our Assam Banaspaty Organic black tea. This full-bodied sip will stimulate your senses and give you a jolt of energy as one of the higher caffeine leveled teas. Pairing the tea with the omelet makes for a perfect breakfast duo to ensure you are fully fueled for your busy day! If you are more of a fruit junky in the morning, your perfect tea pair would be a soothing green tea blend like our Acai Raspbery green tea, or go for a straight orthodox green tea like Darjeeling Green Organic.

The Afternoon ‘Perk-Up’

Green tea is also a go-to when you need a mid day ‘pick-me-up’. With our large offerings of green teas, there is sure to be a match to go with the grilled ham and swiss panini you packed. Our suggestion- try our Tropical Green or Coconut Green tea blends: the perfect Hawaiian compliment to juicy ham.

When it is not quite five o’clock yet, dive into a hot or iced version of our Sangria fruit blend. Bringing the tropical oasis to your cup, it is perfect when paired with a lightly citrus dressed salad, or a potent fish filet.

Winner, Winner, Tea for Dinner

When it comes to dinner, the pairings are endless. If chicken is on the menu serve a delicious cup of oolong tea with a side of roasted veggies. If you are enjoying a meal filled full of fish from the sea, pair it with your favourite blend of white or green tea. Dinner is the perfect time to really be adventurous with your food pairings and explore all possibilities. We highly encourage you to find the perfect tea for your favourite meal, or the perfect meal for your favourite tea! We’re positive any pair you come up with will be a winner!

Don’t Forget Dessert!

Never skip dessert. If chocolate is what you are after, then you should definitely indulge with a cup of CitizenTea’s Chocolate Hazelnut black tea blend. Delicious notes of nuts and smooth chocolate are the perfect pair to any baked good. Rooibos Caramel and a cup of chocolate mousse make for another great dessert pair. There are also delicious fruit blends that would pair nice with a fruit salad or enjoy any dessert alongside our various jasmine blends for a sweet aroma and flavour combo!

So skip the dainty cucumber sandwiches and become a connoisseur of the perfect tea and food pair!

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