A soothing cup of hot tea may be just what the doctor ordered…

The popularity of tea has come a long way in which its consumption is used for more reasons than just a flavourful experience. Everyday there is a new study declaring the latest benefits of consuming tea; as it should be, since tea’s association with health has been known for centuries.

But what tea is the healthiest?

A question asked by many, and the answer: they are all equally healthy since they are packed full of antioxidants. Each tea, whether white, green, oolong or black, have their own health benefits. Some of these benefits may include lowering the risk of heart disease, reducing stress, and maintaining a healthy weight. Here at CitizenTea, we also offer an extensive line of Wellness Teas that cater to a large spectrum of wellness needs like digestion and better sleep.

The diversity of our teas allows your favourite tea to be more than just an indulgence but in fact, a healthy lifestyle choice. Try our Daily Detox trio or our Whole Day Plan to start you on your journey to wellness.

For the most up to date information on new health studies being published about tea consumption, we recommend you visit The Tea Association of Canada (www.tea.ca).