When shopping for a quality loose leaf tea, you want to make sure the leaves are vibrant in colour and that in a flavoured blend, the tea leaf is the most abundant and primary ingredient in the blend. Lower quality loose leaf tea will have an overwhelming amount of additional flavourings, fruits, or spices.

At CitizenTea we have a high quality tealeaf that we use in all our blends. We are proud of this tea and we want to show it off and we don’t want to hide it behind other artificial flavours. Most importantly, we believe that if our customers are shopping for tea, then they deserve tea to be in their blend. Compare CitizenTea’s Goji Green with our Competitor’s Goji Green and notice the difference in high quality and low quality loose leaf tea blends.

CitizenTea Quality

IFS Certification

Although our teas are not certified organic, our teas all pass through Germany and are certified with the International Featured Standards for Food. These are some of the highest food and pesticide standards in the world, so high in fact, that these standards explicitly forbid the use of artificial flavouring.

Oftentimes, tea or food products that are certified organic in North America will not pass the standards in Germany. CitizenTea is proud to be IFS Certified.