In 2005 David founded Teaopia, a premium loose leaf tea store that quickly grew into a chain of 50 stores across Canada. In 2011, the loose leaf tea market changed as other loose leaf tea competitors started to infiltrate into Canada. In 2012, David was made an offer and while he sold Teaopia, his love for loose leaf tea and retail remained.

By 2014, David began to notice a gap in the loose leaf tea world. It was easy to find tea at a high price point, and it was easy to find tea at a low price point, but all of average quality. And so his passion was ignited once again.

Inspired by a lack of high quality tea available on the market, CitizenTea was born. David’s mission with CitizenTea is to bring the highest quality tea available at an affordable price.

David truly wants to share his passion for quality loose leaf tea with the world, and he believes all people should have an opportunity to enjoy it. This made his decision to start as an online-company simple, as it would be an easy way to drive the retail cost of tea down, making it more accessible to more people.

CitizenTea is an exciting moment for the tea industry, as it a combination of great pricing, great quality, and an enjoyable online-experience.

Thank you for visiting us at CitizenTea.com, the CitizenTea team hopes you enjoy your experience here. And from David himself, “it all begins with the perfect cup of tea.”