PMS 101

Tea and PMS

How Tea Will Help Relieve Your Symptoms

Just as your luck would have it, that special-time-of-the-month has aligned perfectly with your best friend’s wedding. And while you’re happy she is inevitably getting the hottest day of the year, the tight, champagne coloured dress in 30° weather doesn’t exactly cater to your comfort as you feel bloated, gassy, and emotional. Only 8 more hours before you’re in bed with a box of Kleenex and your favourite oversized tee, you think…

While not every month is as harsh as the circumstances above, PMS can be unpredictable and ultimately put a huge damper on your day.

Below we’ve outlined how tea can help remedy a few of the most common PMS symptoms.

Rids Bloating

Peppermint has long been used to help promote digestion, making it the perfect remedy for bloating. Finish your meals with a hot cup of peppermint tea to help aid in healthy digestion and rid you of uncomfortable bloating.

Soothes Cramps and Achiness

Lemongrass is an antispasmodic herb, meaning it relieves muscular tension and muscular cramps. Drinking a tea with lemongrass, like our Calming blend, will relieve pain and cramping associated with menstruation.

Treats Irritability, Stress, and Insomnia

Camomile tea is naturally caffeine-free and is well regarded for it’s calming properties. Camomile is the perfect remedy to combat of stress, anxiety, or feelings of depression as it will relax your nerves and calm your mind. Camomile has also been a holistic approach to insomnia, so drinking a cup of Camomile before bed will help you fall asleep and stay sleeping through the night.

Satisfies Sweet Cravings

You tell yourself every Monday that you’re going fresh and raw, but like clockwork, the minute Aunt Flow comes to visit you find yourself rummaging through the back of the freezer for that half empty carton of Ben and Jerry’s. Tea is a guilt-free alternative to unhealthy snacks since you can control the amount of sweeteners added. CitizenTea’s Chocolate Lovers collection has flavours like Smores and Chocolate Hazelnut, perfect for those time-of-the-month cravings!

Tames Acne and Breakouts

Green tea has been proven to keep the skin hydrated. Tea also has many anti-inflammatory properties and therefore evidence suggests tea can slow down signs of aging. Try a green tea with superfruits, like Pomegranate Green or Goji Green for added benefits!

Calms Nausea

Ginger is one of the most popular remedies for relieving nausea. Drinking ginger tea will help soothe the intestinal tract, ultimately relieving feelings of upset stomach or nausea.

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