Reinventing “Sweet-Tea”

Sweet Tea

A Guide To Substituting White Sugar

One of the things we love most about tea is that it is an extremely versatile ingredient. It’s so customizable and caters to so many different flavour profiles that it’s hard to believe someone who says they “don’t like tea”.

One fun way that we like to switch it up here at CitizenTea is by substituting plain old white table sugar with some alternative sweeteners.

Agave Nectar

A sweetener derived from the sap of a South American succulent, agave is widely known as the “healthy” sweetener, as it has a lower glycemic index and glycemic load than white table sugar. A small bottle of this nectar will take you a long way, as agave is much sweeter than sugar so it only needs to be used sparingly!

Maple Syrup

What kind of Canadian would we be if we didn’t mention Maple Syrup? Maple syrup is all natural, sweet, and offers a distinct maple flavour. Try adding a few drops to our Creamy Nut Oolong for a nutty-maple flavour, or to our Vanilla black tea for a rich, comforting maple-vanilla blend.


While honey has about the same relative sweetness as table sugar, it has a unique flavour profile that leads many people to prefer honey to table sugar. Bonus points: honey does not spoil, so reach to the back of your cabinet and pull it out for a nice alternative to granulated sugar.

Flavour-Infused Simple Syrups

Making your own flavoured simple syrups are just that – simple! They involve few ingredients and can easily pack in an extra punch of flavour for those times you’re craving it most. In a small saucepan bring 1 part water and 1 part sugar to a boil. Toss fresh mint leaves into the pot for the perfect compliment to an iced Lemon Green tea, or some chili peppers for a sweet and spicy syrup, the perfect accompaniment to our Chocolate Hazelnut tea!

Muddled Fruits

Fresh fruits are the perfect all natural sweetener to your iced teas. Muddle some blueberries and raspberries in a glass, add your hot tea, and chill in the fridge for a few hours. Voila! Just like that, you’ve turned your iced tea into an impressive mocktail with some impressive health benefits to boot!

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