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Dragonwell is a variety of pan-fired green tea originating in the area of Longjing Village in the Zhejiang province of China. It is hand-produced and renowned for its high quality, quickly earning the title of China Famous Tea. This tea offers a fresh-cut grass and toasted chestnut flavour. To top it off, it’s been brought here by direct trade so we can ensure our tea and our tea farmers are being treated with the fairness and respect they deserve. Not that we needed a reason to love this tea even more.

  • 50  100g Makes Aprox  50 cups
  •   Contains Caffeine  Yes
  •   Infusion Time  2 – 3 min
  •   Quantity  1 TSP / CUP
  •   Infusion Temperature  80°C / 176°F



Green tea.

1 review for Dragonwell

  1. Michelle (verified owner)

    Dry leaf: bright green, long and pressed flat, some twigs. Very fragrant: grass and soybeans and even a hint of vanilla. Sweet.

    Wet leaf: still a bright green.

    Liquor: palest green, almost clear. Extremely fragrant for a green tea: first of vegetal, then of sweetness, almost grassiness. Some vegetal teas taste like briny broth and scallops to me. This one has a slight scalp note but none of that brothy taste. Potent leaves. Something sharp in the aroma, almost fruity: I can’t quite figure it out. The liquor is packed with flavour.

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