Celestial Chamomile


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This infusion of dried blossoms of chamomile blends into a perfectly relaxing concoction. Strongly floral, almost buttery with a hint of piquancy in the finish, this tea is intense yet soothing. The chamomile buds give off a strong floral fragrance and a deep yellow colour. Thanks to its caffeine-free nature and relaxing properties, Celestial Chamomile makes for a perfect tea to drink before bed.



Freshness of flowers and hay

Goes Best With

Harmony of nuanced flavours come together in this cup of soothing Chamomile. A classic blend of contemporary flavours, this perfect brew is best enjoyed on its own without any accompaniments. Best consumed late in the evening. Savoured as a light brew without milk or sugar.


(100%) Pure Chamomile flowers (Dried)


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