Exotic Melange


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Exotic Mélange holds a rich assortment of luscious dessert teas, hot and cold tisanes and infusions with a robust structure and mellow piquancy. Rich in taste and flavours, teas from this delicious assortment are best savoured with accompaniments of indulgent foods or make for a perfect brew on their own.

Goes Best With

Strawberry Lime and Blood Orange savoured as a hot or cold light brew. Tiramisu Delight, Lemon Cake, Caramel Dream and Apple Strudel savoured as a light brew with no milk or sugar.


Lemon Cake (3N), Apple Strudel (3N), Tiramisu Delight (3N), Blood Orange (2N), Strawberry Lime (2N), Caramel Dream (1N)


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