Lemon Cake


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With a full-bodied citrus base, this indulgent infusion gives fresh hints of orange leaf and lemongrass. Notes of sweet lemon complement a decadent touch of creaminess. It has the flavour of a light lemon cake speckled with sweet coconut and topped with a creamy lemon icing. This caffeine-free, low-calorie cup is perfect in a sophisticated high tea, paired with delicate sandwiches.


Lemongrass with notes of citrus

Goes Best With

This dessert tisane is relished on its own without any accompaniments. Best consumed after meals and savoured as a light brew with no milk or sugar.


Orange Leaf (24%), Lemongrass (22%), Fennel (12%), Hibiscus (12%), Rooibos (12%), Sweet Blackberry Leaf (12%), Liquor ice Root (5%), Lemon Peel (1%)


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