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Once dubbed “the world’s healthiest food”, blueberries have made an appearance in almost every diet out there. And the reasons are simple: they are packed with antioxidants, they lower “bad” cholesterol, and they taste great, too. And this is something we just couldn’t ignore. We took a smooth and full-bodied black tea and topped it with the world’s healthiest food, added some blackberries to offer a sweet and tart taste, and dotted the blend with red and blue cornflower petals so it looks as great as it will make you feel.

  • Yeild Icon50

    100g Makes Aprox

    50 cups

  • Caffeine Icon

    Contains Caffeine


  • Brewing Time Icon

    Infusion Time

    3 – 4 min

  • Spoon Icon


    1 TSP / CUP

  • Tempeture Icon

    Infusion Temperature

    100°C / 212°F

  • Ingredients

    Black tea, blueberries, apple pieces, blackberry leaves, red and blue cornflower petals, flavouring.

    4 reviews for Blueberry

    1. danielle.ashley.cook (verified owner)

      I agree with Karen that the tea isn’t quite as berry-fun as other blueberry teas and does have a strong black tea flavour, if that’s up your alley. That being said it does taste quite pleasant and has a natural feel that isn’t overly pushy. Still very enjoyable!

    2. cmd.bristolblue (verified owner)

      A lovely sweet tea with nice berry flavour.

    3. Heather (verified owner)

      Got as a sampler. A delicate black tea, blackberry leaves too so it’s sweet enough on its own, no need to add to it. Mellow rather than punchy. Might buy a tin…

    4. Karen (verified owner)

      Not quite as berry-ful as another blueberry tea i like but at least this one doesn’t have stevia, which makes this a very suitable substitute

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