Yunnan Golden Monkey

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Grown in the Yunnan Province of China, this tea is highly prized and often regarded as a signature tea. Harvested in the traditional manner of hand-plucking only the bud and the first leaf, this process can only be done during the spring and involves precision and skill. Rare, pale-golden in colour and offering a slight resemblance to monkey claws, this tea has a naturally sweet, smooth flavour with delicate floral notes and a hint of honey.

  • 100g Makes Approx: 50 cups
  • Contains Caffeine: Yes
  • Infusion Time: 3 – 4 min
  • Quantity: 1 TSP / CUP
  • Infusion Temperature: 100°C / 212°F


Black tea.

2 reviews for Yunnan Golden Monkey

  1. ambernaytrotter (verified owner)

    My previous tea supplier stopped selling this years ago. I was happy to find it here and it’s just as good!

  2. Michelle (verified owner)

    2.5 tsp for 500mL water @95C, steeped four minutes thirty seconds.

    I often steep China black teas in water just off the boil to avoid bitterness, especially in lower-end Yunnans and Keemuns.

    It didn’t help. This Golden Monkey disappointed me: bitter and woody. Something like … earth, I think, sort of a dank smoke. I know, that sounds terrible, and I really don’t want to slam this tea. other Yunnan Golden Moneys I’ve tried are lighter, sweeter, and give an enticing scent. This one didn’t have much scent, either. Dang.

    I will try this one again with 100C water, but I expect what I object to now will only be stronger with hotter water.

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