Coconut Green

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Fresh coconut, nutty almond, and sweet white chocolate flakes. Need we say more? This Coconut Green blend takes all our favourite dessert flavours and mixes them with a medium-bodied green tea. Sweet, fresh, and ever-so-decadent, enjoy this green tea any time of the day.

  • Yeild Icon50

    100g Makes Aprox

    50 cups

  • Caffeine Icon

    Contains Caffeine


  • Brewing Time Icon

    Infusion Time

    2 – 3 min

  • Spoon Icon


    1 TSP / CUP

  • Tempeture Icon

    Infusion Temperature

    80°C / 176°F

  • Ingredients

    Green tea, coconut rasps, flaked almonds, flavouring, white chocolate flakes (sugar cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier).

    5 reviews for Coconut Green

    1. ekwills (verified owner)

      This is one is a favourite. It has a mild flavour, which makes it perfect for mornings.

    2. jadecornelius70 (verified owner)

      Not good at all!! It smells and tastes like butter, did not smell or taste any sweetness or coconut at all. I drank half a cup and will be throwing out the rest.

      • CitizenTea

        Hi There! We’re sorry you didn’t enjoy our Coconut Green. Before you toss it, try steeping the tea at different temperatures and for different lengths of time. Green tea is temperamental, so an extra minute of steeping or water that is too hot can have a very negative impact on the taste! If you like, we can send you some other samples to try. We’re positive amongst our 120 blends you will find a few favourites.

    3. David Clement (verified owner)

      Love the flavour

    4. Beverley (verified owner)

      I love coconut and this proves that you can taste it in tea. I love it.

    5. the_writer_is (verified owner)

      This is delicious! Wow. The base is nice and light and not overpowering. I love the coconut in it. It’s so nice and creamy and smooth. The most predominat flavour for me is the coconut, but I could see how the white chocolate is adding to the sweetness. I’m not sure if I’m getting much of the nuttiness. Maybe a little bit? But it’s mostly just the coconut. Either way, this tea is amazing. It really is like dessert in a cup. I am definitely getting more in my next order! I could see this making a fantastic iced tea too.

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