Misty Cloud Organic


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Hand plucked from the gardens of the Zhejiang Province in China, this organic tea is soft in appearance, spring-like and vegetal in flavour and offers a surprisingly long-lasting aftertaste. The thin and tender leaves have been twisted into delicate, slender and wispy spirals like that of a misty cloud. Unusual for a green tea, this tea holds up well to multiple infusions.

  • Yeild Icon50

    100g Makes Aprox

    50 cups

  • Caffeine Icon

    Contains Caffeine


  • Brewing Time Icon

    Infusion Time

    2 – 3 min

  • Spoon Icon


    1 TSP / CUP

  • Tempeture Icon

    Infusion Temperature

    80°C / 176°F

  • Ingredients

    Organic green tea.


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