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It seems there’s a whole host of reasons that can cause us to have – ahem – plumbing issues. Overseas travel, an overly-indulgent meal, or maybe even stress – just to name a few. Whatever it is that has you backed up, our Cleansing tea is sure to clear your pipes, the natural way. A refreshing mix of mint, lemongrass and ginger and the all-natural laxative Senna leaf work together to detox your body and rid you of toxins. Senna leaf works within 6-8 hours of consumption.

  • 100g Makes Aprox: 50 cups
  • Contains Caffeine: No
  • Infusion Time: 6 – 8 min
  • Quantity: 1 TSP / CUP
  • Infusion Temperature: 100°C / 212°F


Senna, orange peels, ginger bits, lemongrass, peppermint, orange petals, tulsi, melissa, pomegranate petals, bay leaves, flavouring.

6 reviews for Cleansing

  1. lraymond (verified owner)

    I had purchased this tea a few years ago and ran out recently – I was delighted to know you still sell it. It works overnight – on occasion I have had some cramping, but that goes away quickly.

  2. sharmiladhu (verified owner)

    I love this product. It was introduced to my by a colleague. It truly is cleansing!

  3. erica_roro (verified owner)

    I enjoy the flavour of this tea. I did not notice the immediate benefits of the Senna leaf, but the tea itself is enjoyable and nice before bed.

  4. anniescrafts4u (verified owner)

    Very satisfied. It did exactly what it was meant to do. Will buy this again.

  5. tortyliza (verified owner)

    It does exactly what it is had been created for, I like also the taste – mild with a pinch of lemon. Will definitely buy again

  6. Sara (verified owner)

    So, this tea definitely worked! I drank it at night right before I went to bed and I woke up in the morning and had to “go”! I felt a tiny bit of cramping, but once I went to the bathroom the cramping went away. I initially bought this tea for the benefits, but I actually enjoyed the taste too! It was light and almost a bit citrusy. Very easy to drink and will be drinking it again when I need it!

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