Inner Harmony

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Life is busy, and when you try to do everything and try to do it quickly, it’s easy to take one wrong step that throws you off balance. But when you do, we’re here to help pick you back up with this exclusive wellness blend. Mixed with licorice root to relieve stress and peppermint to fight infection and boost the immune system, Inner Harmony will help keep your mind and body in perfect equilibrium. Let the floral notes of camomile and lavender soothe you into a harmoniously calm state so you never miss a step again.

  • Yeild Icon50

    100g Makes Aprox

    50 cups

  • Caffeine Icon

    Contains Caffeine


  • Brewing Time Icon

    Infusion Time

    6 – 8 min

  • Spoon Icon


    1 TSP / CUP

  • Tempeture Icon

    Infusion Temperature

    100°C / 212°F

  • Ingredients

    Liquorice root, fennel, hibiscus, sage, balm, orange peel, camomile, coriander, peppermint, rosemary, lavender.

    4 reviews for Inner Harmony

    1. savourtheflava (verified owner)

      So good! I bought this on a whim since it was on sale, and now I’m back to repurchase. Relaxing and flavourful. People tend to want to try it when they come over (in the time before) and they always seem to enjoy it too.

    2. cevans.light (verified owner)

      Very good! Made me feel calmer and though I was a little scared of the different ingredients I only bought a small amount. I wish I had purchased more!

    3. Kim Cacciotti-Wall (verified owner)

      Part of the relaxing effect is how wonderful this tea smells! It is delicious, soothing and well named!

    4. emailvej (verified owner)

      This tea surpassed my expectations! I was dealing with a difficult situation and then had a cup of this tasty tea. I could feel my stress level lowering and soon returned to a calm and harmonious state. Thank you for this high quality and effective tea!

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