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The perfect spoon with a rounded design to help scoop tealeaves with ease.

4 reviews for Tea Spoon

  1. megan (verified owner)

    I love this perfect spoon! It’s not fancy and well priced. I don’t have a citizen tea in my area, so I often shop at Davids tea. I’ve contemplated buying their perfect spoon until I saw this one… $2 VRS $7… just saying!

  2. gr8knitter (verified owner)

    I have to say that I completely agree with Sara!! I also love the idiot labels on every tin and bag and that this spoon ensures that you make a perfect cup of tea EVERYTIME!!! No thinking necessary especially first in the morning!! ?

  3. Sara (verified owner)

    What can I say? It’s the perfect teaspoon every time. I love that the directions on the front of my tin are made just for this spoon so I never have to think when making my tea. I get the most perfectly balanced cup every time.

  4. David (verified owner)

    It’s a spoon that measures tea. Kind of hard to mess it up. I ordered one of these to keep at work, but I do prefer metal spoons in general. Hopefully there will be a metal version available in the future.

    • CitizenTea

      Hi David! Your review inspired us and we have placed an order for the perfect metal teaspoon. They will be for sale soon! Thanks for your feedback, keep it comin’!

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