Tea Drinks

Tea Drinks

The world of tea is extensive and full of imagination with an endless array of ways to drink and enjoy this time-honoured beverage. At CitizenTea we encourage tea drinkers to occasionally break from tradition and go on a tea-venture by trying some of the world’s most uniquely fashioned tea drinks. We have provided some refreshing ideas below to get you started.

Iced Tea

Whether you like it sweet, strong, fruity, or all three ways, drinking iced tea is an energizing way to cool down. Iced tea drinks are simple to make with a short process that requires drinkers to infuse their favourite loose-leaf tea, sweeten to desired amount, and allow to chill. When making iced tea it is important to ensure that the tea drink is strong by using a flavourful tea or by adding a few extra scoops of it to an infuser, as ice can dilute taste. Drinkers can also add sugar or some form of sweetener to pump up this refreshing beverage.

It is important to note that when sweetening your iced tea granulated sugar will not completely or immediately dissolve in an already chilled blend. When adding sugar, honey or agave to iced tea, make sure you swirl it into the liquid while it is still hot. If you prefer to sweeten once your iced tea has already been prepared, a simple syrup is what you’re after as it will dissolve best.

Our CitizenTea tea creations are idyllic and satisfying served both piping hot or iced. Some of our favourite teas to ice are our “Pina Colada”, “Sangria”, “Strawberry Kiwi”, “Mateccino”, “Peach”, “Mojito Raspberry Mint” and “Exotic Berries Oolong” blends. For more iced tea inspiration, visit our tea categories (hyperlink bolded words to tea categories tab) section on our website.

Masala Chai Tea

Masala Chai Tea is a pleasantly spiced tea infusion originating from India. Similar in taste to chai tea, this popular drink is made through blending freshly infused black tealeaves with cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, pepper, sugar and milk. This smooth yet fiery beverage is aromatic with a lush, creamy finish.

For a playful spin, try our “Rooibos Chocolate Chai” blend as the tea base in this recipe for added sweet and spicy fun.

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea, also known as “Boba Tea”, is a Taiwanese tea based drink that was discovered approximately 30 years ago and is still continuing to rise in popularity today. Bubble Tea contains a tea base, typically a flavoured tea, and is blended with fruit or milk to which tapioca balls are added to it. The tapioca balls add flavourful texture to this iced delicacy making the drinking experience both tasty and fun. This frothy beverage is appreciated for its dessert like taste without the guilt.

If you are looking to experiment with your own bubble tea creations, we recommend using our “Rooibos Strawberry”, “Rooibos Chocolate”, “Rooibos Vanilla”, “Vanilla Mint Mate”, and “Apricot Peach” blends as your tea bases.

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