Tea For Sleep

Tea For Sleep

Tea For Sleep

It seems we’re all after the same things in life: to catch some quality ZZZ’s and to find the perfect remedy that will help us do so. And it’s no wonder why – life is stressful, and with all the stuff going on by it can be difficult to wind down.

Tea has been gaining rapid popularity all over the globe and part of the reason why – because research shows that tea can help soothe you in mind, body, and soul. Below are 3 of our top reasons why you need tea for sleep.

  1. Body Temperature is Key

    Your body temperature takes a dip at night, which is a natural and key part of regulating your circadian rhythm. When your temperature starts to cool, it’s your body’s way of telling your mind it’s time to sleep. By increasing your internal temperature with a hot cup of tea, it increases the “drop” your body temperature experiences, which can sweep you into a deeper sleep.

  2. Patterns Are Peaceful

    As humans, we find peace and ease in seeking patterns. Patterns help us predict the next moment without expending a lot of mental effort, so creating a routine just before bed will help you fall asleep. A cup of caffeine-free tea every evening is a healthy habit to have before bed to help you fall asleep.

  3. Herbs Are Your Friend

    There are many herbs that are known to aid in relaxation. Lemon verbena, tulsi, and peppermint have all been recognized as great ways to relieve tension, calm anxiety, and help reduce stress. Here at CITIZENTEA we have an exclusive Wellness line featuring blends such as Sleep Well, Calming, and Inner Harmony blended with herbs, which will help whisk you to sleep.

So which tea is the best sleepy time tea? Anything without caffeine! Checkout our selection of rooibos teas, herbal fruit blends, and wellness teas to find your new favourite today!

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