Tea for Tots

Tea for Tots

Why Your Child Should Drink Tea

There are plenty of caffeine-free tea options you can introduce to your children at a young age. Herbal and fruit blends are a mix of herbs, plants, and fruits, while rooibos is a pine-needle and regarded for it’s calming properties.

Below are 5 reasons why your child should be drinking tea.

1. Develop Good Habits

We know that the habits children foster when they are young will likely be those that extend to their later years. Developing healthy eating habits early on will help your children maintain a healthy weight and normal growth.

Finding a caffeine-free tea with fruits and herbs is a good way to show your children that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring and is an easy way to establish that healthy options can be incorporated into your everyday diet.

2. Help Troubled Sleepers

Camomile has been regarded for its calming properties and has been used for centuries as a natural way to relieve stress and anxiety. A warm cup of Camomile at night is a good way to help your kids fall asleep and stay sleeping through the night – a bonus for parents, too!

3. Control Sugar

It’s no secret that kids love sweets, and sometimes shopping for kid-friendly foods without loads of added sugars can be difficult. Iced tea is the perfect alternative to sodas and juices as you can control the amount of added sweeteners. Choose a blend from the Kids Tea collection, infuse as normal and set to chill.

4. A Natural Remedy

Herbal blends are a mixture of herbs, spices, and plants, many of which have roots in natural medicine. Ginger is very effective in decreasing nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach. Drinking a tea with ginger is an easy way, all natural way to soothe the digestive tract, and a good alternative to medicine for young children.

If your child is anxious, or transitioning through the terrible-twos, try a cup of rooibos tea – naturally caffeine-free and has been regarded for centuries for its calming properties.

5. It’s fun!

Tea is a very versatile ingredient making it easy to incorporate into your children’s diet in many ways. Instead of opting for a hot cup, try making an iced tea or even making tea popsicles! A perfect treat and your kids will be none the wiser!

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