While teabags are convenient for an on-the-go cup, teabags compromise the two qualities most eagerly sought after in tea: flavour and vitamins.

The tea most commonly found within the tiny mesh bags is described as “fannings” and “dust” which, as the name implies, is nothing but the remains of broken down tealeaves scraped from the bottom of the barrel. This is the lowest quality tea found on the market and in turn, produces a cup low in flavour and health benefits.

Whole leaves preserve the flavours and natural benefits of tea. The grade of tea is determined by the size and colour of the leaves. A large leaf with a rich colour will often produce a cup packed with flavour and antioxidants. Infusing leaves in a CitizenTea tea infuser or teapot will allow your leaves the space to expand, giving you a balanced cup.

Consider weighing other factors as well, such as environmental impact and manufacturing. A teabag is a mass-produced, machine processed, single use product. Each bag is individually packaged within a cardboard box, wrapped in plastic and stored in a warehouse for long periods of time before it reaches your mug. CitizenTea’s looseleaf tea is handpicked and packaged in a reusable airtight tin. Many tealeaves can be infused more than once, reducing waste dramatically and also ensuring the freshest garden to home tealeaf on the market.

All-in-all, whole leaves will provide you with more flavour and benefits than its bottom-of-the-barrel counterpart.