Why Every Athlete Should Drink Tea

Tea for Athletes

Nothing can replace the adrenaline rush that comes with game day. Your cheering fans (okay, maybe it’s just your mom), the fresh air, and facing your long-time rival are some of the most sure-fire ways to bring out your most competitive side. A good way to fuel your body for game-day is by drinking tea.

Below you can find a list of reasons why every athlete should drink tea.

Increases Stamina

Whether or not speed is a factor in your sport, it’s always important to feel energized and rested while you perform. Tea is the perfect remedy for boosting energy, which will ultimately reflect performance.

Our bodies absorb caffeine from tea much differently than that of coffee. Tea enters the bloodstream at a slow and steady pace, giving you a long-lasting boost of energy without the “caffeine crash”. Matcha is a powdered green tea that has 10x the caffeine of a regular cup of green tea. Add a teaspoon to your practice-day protein shake, or have a hot cup on game day to give you the boost you need.

Eases Pre-Game Nerves

Rooibos is a naturally caffeine-free blend that has been used for centuries to treat stress and anxiety. Drinking a cup of rooibos while experiencing pre-game anxiety is a good way to calm your nerves and relax your jitters.

Repairs Tender Muscles

Green teas are high in antioxidants and catechins, which have been reported to help alleviate muscle damage associated with training. Drinking a cup of green tea after practices or games is a good way to help your body heal as quickly as possible. Consider a green tea with added superfruits, like Acai Raspberry Green or Pomegranate Green for additional antioxidants and benefits.

Promotes Mental Clarity

Studies have shown that theanine – an amino acid present in Oolong tea, can improve attention and focus. Together, your improvement in attention alongside the natural calming properties of tea will work synergistically to allow you to allocate your mental energy on game strategy and performance.

Soothes Athlete’s Foot

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect remedy for those experiencing the symptoms of redness and blistering associated with Athlete’s Foot. Soaking the affected area in green tea has been a home remedy for Athlete’s Foot for years, and while not a replacement for medicated creams or ointments, a green tea soak is a natural remedy to provide immediate, temporary relief.

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