Winning Isn’t Everything, But It Sure Is Fun

Nothing makes a parent prouder than seeing their child succeed. Those first steps. That first dance recital. Their first job offer. No matter what the victory, no matter the size, seeing your child work to achieve something difficult is always the best feeling in the world. We here at CitizenTea get it. We have over 100 teas, which means we have over 100 babies, each unique and each beautiful in their own way. We truly believe in the joy that these teas will bring others and how they can positively impact your life.

To validate this (because let’s be honest, we all need a little validation sometimes) we entered 3 of our most unique blends into the 2016 Spring Hot Loose Leaf Tea Competition facilitated by the North American Tea Championship. This competition ranks teas based not only on flavour, but also on brew colour, aroma, mouth-feel, and overall harmony.

On October 4th, we became prouder than ever when one of our teas won!

Inner Harmony, unique to the CitizenTea Wellness line placed first (by a longshot!) in the Unflavoured Herbal category.

And while we don’t want to brag, the Unflavoured Herbal category is arguably one of the toughest. To win, the criteria is strict:

  • 1. Your blend must not contain any traces of “tea” or rooibos – staying true to an herbal
  • 2. It must not use any additional or artificial flavouring agents
  • 3. The herbs must be perfectly balanced (tougher than it seems to achieve especially with strong flavours like lavender and fennel)

From the judging table: “Good balance; great blend ability as far as the piece sizes; loved the strawberry cup color to it; all the components came through without one dominating the others, even the lavender; was a very well integrated blend.”

And from us: Inner Harmony, you have made us so proud. You are delicate and gentle and change the lives of those who touch you. This is only your first win of many.

Try Inner Harmony today for only $3.00 and let us know what you think on Facebook @CitizenTea

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