Yerba Maté Tea


Whether you are new to the tea world or an experienced drinker, there is no denying that the world of loose-leaf tea is extensive and at times, even overwhelming. But it seems some teas get a bit more attention than others. Over here on the western side of the pond, Yerba Maté is rapidly gaining popularity as the next super-drink. So we’re going to shed a little light on Yerba Maté Tea, and why it’s crazy awesome. #hearditherefirst

What Is It?

Pronounced mah-tay (think latte), Yerba Maté is a wild plant native to South America. In Argentina, maté holds the same cultural importance as coffee in the west and green tea in the east.

Maté has a grassy flavour profile with a slight bitterness. While having been consumed in South America for centuries, maté has been rapidly gaining popularity in North America in recent years due to its health benefits.

What Are The Benefits, Anyway?
  • 1. Aids in Weightloss
  • Maté has also been said to suppress appetite, and was first used amongst South Americans during times of famine. Paired with appetite-suppression, its caffeine content contributes to its fat-burning effects.
  • 2. Increases Energy
  • Awesome for an early-morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up, maté is naturally caffeinated, offering more caffeine than green and black tea. As an added bonus, Yerba Maté is loaded with vitamins and minerals, so it offers you the energy kick of coffee without the toxicity and without the “caffeine crash”.
  • 3. Helps the Heart
  • High in antioxidants and polyphenols, maté has been said to fight off diseases and keep the heart healthy. Some studies suggest mate lowers cholesterol which will aid in healthy cardiovascular health.
  • How Do I Prepare It?

    Traditionally, maté is prepared in a maté cup and sipped through a specially crafted maté straw. However today, most prepare maté the same as any other tea, infusing it in hot water for 5-6 minutes and drinking.

    Where Do I Buy It?

    For some, maté is an acquired taste. If bitter isn’t your favourite flavour profile, try our Mate Citrus for some freshness, or Vanilla Mint Mate if you’re after something slightly sweeter! We also offer two yerba matés that have been roasted to add robustness and richness to their flavour, Mate Chai and Mateccino that are unique to the CitizenTea maté line.

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